The Broken Sentence
My name is irrelevant. I find it hard to express my thoughts through speech and often find myself stumbling over my words and later regretting it. I made this blog to help me say what I am really feeling inside, a little project concerning my own mental stability. Hopefully I will be able to look back and watch myself grow in to a better and more thoughtful person. Thank you for checking my blog out, if you'd like to visit my main blog, ask and you will receive.


Hiya all!

Just went on this blog to find i’ve gained 30 followers over night? Obviously I need to start using this again as i’ve reverted to writing everything down in my notebook recently, i’ll put some of my good stuff up on here tonight. 

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I think I’m going to make this blog in to more of a diary, so as well as my writing, I’m going to be posting about my daily life (as interesting as that may sound.) I don’t know, would you lot be mad at me if I started doing that?

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I’m really sorry I haven’t been writing recently.

I’ve had a bit of a block, plus I went on holiday for 10 days, I think I’ll update this blog later though, I’m feeling a lot better today. 

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